1222 Anne Holt

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Published: December 27th 2011

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1222  by  Anne Holt

1222 by Anne Holt
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I had never heard of Anne Holt before - shes described as Norways #1 bestselling crime writer. After finishing her latest book 1222, I can see why - and I will be hunting down her backlist.1222 features one of Holts recurring characters - Hanne Wilhelmsen. Hanne is not a stereotypical protagonist. Shes wheelchair bound, having been paralyzed from the waist down in a police shoot out four years ago. Shes a lesbian, a loner and astute.

Oh, and she really doesnt like people at all, even more so since her accident.Its having people close to me that I find difficult. I am interested in people, but I dont want people to be interested in me. A very taxing situation. At least it is if you surround yourself with friends and colleagues, and if you have to work in a team - as you do in the police. When I got shot and almost died, I ran out of strength. I was perfectly happy sitting there, all by myself.Hanne is on a train to see a specialist about her paralysis. When the train derails in a snowstorm high above any settlement, the passengers are forced to take refuge in a hotel at the top of the mountain.

Communication is cut off as the storm rages on. And someone else is full of rage as well - a clergy man is found shot. Hanne is recognized and reluctantly conscripted to the team that seems to be taking charge - a lawyer, a doctor, and the hotel manager. The storm is increasing in ferocity - and theres a murderer among them.

And what about that extra car on the train - the one with armed guards?I loved this book so much! The character of Hanne was different, not a by the numbers detective. She somewhat reminded me of Inger Ash Wolfes Hazel Micallef character. Stubborn, sardonic, irascible and highly observant.Like other practised liars, he had stuck close to the truth.

As a rule, its the sensible thing to do, but Adrian had given me a piece of a jigsaw puzzle without realizing that I only needed a fragment of sky to sense the outline of the entire finished picture.1222 has been likened to Agatha Christies locked room mysteries. The comparison is quite apt. Hanne herself notes I thought about Agatha Christies And Then There Were None. I immediately tried to dismiss the thought.

And Then There were None is a story that doesnt exactly have a happy ending.Each chapter has a clever title page listing the Beaufort Scale, a wind rating that starts at one and rises to 12, ratcheting up as the tension increases in the hotel.I truly had no idea who the murderer was until the very end. The hotel is populated with many possibilities. Indeed, the various characters are half the fun of this read. Hannes unveiling of the perpetrator at the end and her reasoning were right there before me the whole time, but I hadnt seen it.This was a five star read for me - and a perfect read for a blustery winter day.

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