Haunting the Dead Lou, Bellamy

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568 pages


Haunting the Dead  by  Lou, Bellamy

Haunting the Dead by Lou, Bellamy
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With its maze of smoke-choked alleys and courts where only squalor and poverty thrived, Victorian London was a far cry from present day Stratford upon Avon - but they added a touch of spice to Bobbie Marshs fascination with the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

To her family and friends it was simply a hobby and no one was surprised when, on a sultry night in August 2001, Bobbies hobby spilled over into her dreams. Drenched in historical fact, Bobbie thought the dreams amazing - until they took a sinister turn and left her feeling helpless against them. So entrenched was she that she failed to notice how her life in Stratford was deteriorating - or how dependent she had become on drink.

Her husband felt entitled to worry for her sanity but he would live to rue the day when he placed her in the care of yuppie young therapist, Herbie Wilkes - the one person on earth who believed her. A detailed and historically accurate account of three extraordinary months, this is Bobbies diary.

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