The Dubai Betrayal Jeremy Burns

ISBN: 9781611881332



400 pages


The Dubai Betrayal  by  Jeremy Burns

The Dubai Betrayal by Jeremy Burns
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 400 pages | ISBN: 9781611881332 | 5.41 Mb

A new crisis strikes the Middle East, one that threatens to destabilize the entire region and plunge the United States into a devastating war from which the country would never recover. When the US Ambassador to Israel is taken hostage in the glittering desert metropolis of Dubai, a covert team of elite US operatives – led by black ops veteran Wayne Wilkins – are sent in to rescue her. But there are unseen forces at work that threaten the operation: the terrorists uncanny ability to predict the operatives’ moves, a tense military alliance that forces the team underground, and a dark secret held by the ambassador herself – a secret that could destroy nations.

It soon becomes clear that the CIA operatives are merely pawns in a larger game, and the only way to avoid being sacrificed in the impending maelstrom is to recover the ambassador – and the secret she guards – before the terrorists can spark an all-consuming World War III.

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